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How is the Bear Track Inn dealing with Covid-19?

We wanted to keep you informed about how we plan to handle Covid-19 here at the Bear Track Inn. Below please find our mitigation report.
Coronavirus Safety Protocol for The Bear Track Inn

1. All guests traveling to Gustavus are told that they need the Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to flying. They need to bring the test results with them to present upon arrival. If the test results are not available, they will be retested at the airport and they will have to quarantine till their results arrive or the results of the airport test come back.

2. When arriving on the jet, all guests will be picked up at the airport and transported directly to their lodging destination without stopping at any location in transit. On the day of departure, all guests will be transported directly from their lodging destination to the airport. When guests fly into Gustavus, they do not need to enter the terminal. When guests depart on the jet, they will follow the Alaska Airlines and City of Gustavus requirements. When arriving and departing on Alaska Seaplanes, the guests will follow the guidelines established by Alaska Seaplanes and the City of Gustavus.

3. Guests will not be taken to Toshco, Sunnyside, Snug Harbor, Clove Hitch, Fire Weed, Post Office, Gustavus Dray, or other business in Gustavus.

4. Employees will be required to read materials from a training packet that cover business-specific policy and practices regarding Covid-19. The training packet will include this mitigation plan, current State mandates, and company specific cleaning and sanitizing procedures for both lodging and transportation.

5. All guests or employees that are going fishing or whale watching will go directly to their boat, and exit their boat and return without loitering on the dock to their van.

6. Purchases made at Snug Harbor and Toshco will be made by phone, paid for with credit card and picked up outside the store. Freight at Alaska Seaplanes will be picked up in the parking lot after notification that we are there. Mail and packages at the post office will be picked up on the rear ramp after notification we are there. Masks will be worn the entire time at these locations, and social distancing practiced.

7. If guests are going on the Glacier Bay Park tour, they will abide by the Glacier Bay National Park requirements.

8. All non-resident employees associated with seasonal businesses in Gustavus will practice safety protocol as established by the City of Gustavus, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands and sanitizing surfaces when interacting in public locations in Gustavus. This will only pertain to my drivers, Mary Coster and myself. No employees will be allowed to enter any establishment in town.

9. In the event that an employee becomes ill, a room has been set aside for them to quarantine in. Should a guest become ill or test positive, they will be confined to their room till the quarantine is over and they have been checked by local health officials. If any person exhibits trouble breathing or serious problems, Search will be called to evacuate them. Anyone experiencing a cough or upper respiratory irritation, combined with a fever of 100.4 or greater, and one or more of the other associated symptoms, will isolate. That person will isolate per the following CDC guidelines: the fever is gone for 72 hours without use of medication and other symptoms have softened, and 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared. They may also resume work or activities if tested negative for COVID-19 and symptoms are gone. Guests will be asked to isolate on the same conditions. In both cases, local health officials will be notified of possible infection.

10. In the lodge, hand washing, social distancing and masks will be encouraged. Frequent cleansing of common touch points and a UV light will be utilized. Daily temperatures and oximetry will be done and recorded for employees and guests. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the lodge and in the vehicles. Vehicles will be sanitized between trips.

It is our desire to keep our employees, guests and the town healthy and prevent the spread of the virus.

Go to for the latest traveler requirements for the State of Alaska.